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By Mail

A return envelope is included with each monthly bill to make

paying by mail as easy as possible. Please put your check or

money order (with your telephone number written on it) along

with your payment stub in the return envelope provided. If you

do not have a return envelope, address your payment to:

Cass Telephone Company

P.O. Box 200

Virginia, IL 62691

Please allow at least 5 business days

for your payment to reach us. And,

please do not send cash in the mail.

In Person

You may pay in person at our office located at 100

Redbud Road, Virginia, Illinois. Our office hours are 7:30 a.m.

to 5 p.m., Monday through Friday. There is a drive-up facility

located at our office and, for after-hours, a drop slot is located

in the drive-up facility on the east side of the office building.

Local Dialing Instructions

To call locally it is only necessary to dial 7-digits. Ex: 555-5555

Ashland & Virginia Customers-there is local 7-digit dialing

between these exchanges. Any prefixes outside 452 & 476 are

long distance.

Chandlerville Customers – local calls would consist of all calls

within 458 prefix.

Easton – local calls would consist of all calls within 562 prefix.

To call within & outside your area,

Dial 1, then area code, then telephone number.

Example: Dial

Access Code

Area Code





You Will Not Be Charged

If, after reaching a wrong

number on a toll call, you

dial Operator immediate-

ly and tell her what hap-


If you hang up before you

dial the complete tele-

phone number.

If the telephone you

dial is busy or does not


If you inadvertently make

a call that is connected

to data terminal that will

not respond to the usual

vocal speech.

Notify your telephone office if any such charges appear on

your bill; they will be deducted.

Dial Direct to Directory Assistance

Cass-Morgan Regional Directory

Dial 411 for all your directory needs

A small charge will apply

Get any number anywhere in America or Canada

Operator Assistance

If you dial “0” for assistance in placing a call,

you will be charged a surcharge for

your call.