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Voice Mail

Benefits Of Voice Mail

Your phone is answered when you are on the line or away

from the phone.

You can access your voice mailbox using any touch-tone

phone, anytime, anywhere.

Your voice mailbox is passcode protected. The messages in

your mailbox cannot be accessed without a valid passcode.

Voice mail can activate another phone and/or pager to notify

you of urgent messages.

Voicemail can send you an email to notify you of messages.

Callers can review, append or discard a message before it is

actually saved in your voice mailbox.

You can selectively save or discard messages in your voice


Voice mail requires no special equipment or connections in

your home.

Voice mail is easy to use. Friendly voice prompts guide you

through each step in delivering and retrieving your voice mail


Optional Feature

Information Only Mailbox

You may set up a voice mailbox that provides the caller with

information only. Also known as Greeting Only. The caller cannot

leave a message. This is useful to play detailed information such

as specials-of-the-day, community events, advertisements, etc.

Standard Features

Personalized Greeting

You create a personal greeting for callers who reach your voice

mailbox. Voice mail plays your personal greeting before recording

the caller’s message.

User’s Tutorial

The tutorial is activated automatically the first time you log into

your mailbox. The tutorial is designed to familiarize you with the

system and walk you through the process of setting up your


Time-Date Stamp

Identifies the time and date each message was received in your

voice mail.

Prompt Override

You can select override voice prompts by choosing the required

voice mail option at any time.

PIN Security

Personal Identification Numbers ensure security. Your voice

mailbox cannot be accessed without the correct PIN. You can

designate and change your PIN at any time.

Message Waiting

When you access your mailbox, a distinct stutter dial tone is

played to indicate that you have new messages. When you play or

delete your new messages, the normal dial tone is restored.

Automatic Recall

Automatic Recall (*69) dials the phone number of the last call you

received. This feature eliminates missed calls and the need to rush

to answer the telephone.

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long distance.

Selective Call Acceptance and Rejection

Selective Call Acceptance and Rejection are two features that

let you manage your calls. It allows you to receive only the calls

you really want to get and intercept those calls you don’t want.

Additional privacy when you are at home. Added security when

you are away.

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