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Illinois Restricted Call Registry

The Illinois Restricted Call Registry enables consumers to

reduce unwanted telephone solicitation calls.


Illinois law adopts the National Do Not Call Registry, which is

managed by the Federal Trade Commission, giving consumers

the benefit of being included in both state and national regis-

tries with the convenience of free one-step enrollment. Illinois

residential subscribers can register their telephone numbers by

internet or telephone.

Internet Registration


Toll-Free Telephone Registration

Call from the number you wish to register.


TTY – 1-866-290-4236

Cell phone numbers may be registered.

Telephone numbers may remain on the registry for five

years unless removed or changed by the subscriber.

Business numbers should not be registered since they are

not covered under the law.

While enrollment in the Restricted Call Registry will reduce the

number of calls consumers receive, it will not eliminate all calls.

Placing your telephone number on the registry won’t stop calls

from political organizations, charities, or survey calls (that are

not sales calls).


The law provides for certain exemptions including the following:

Calls from charitable organizations or religious organizations

Calls from companies which a consumer has a current or

prior business relationship (example: telephone company

or credit card company)

Calls from companies that have the consumer’s prior

express invitation or permission to call

PIC Freezes

An alternative way to protect your account from

unauthorized PIC changes is called a “PIC

Freeze.” A PIC Freeze prohibits

anyone, outside yourself, from implementing a PIC change for

your account. Cass Telephone Company will not change your

long distance carrier unless you personally give us written

or oral authorization to remove the PIC Freeze prior to any

change in your long distance company.

IntraLATA and InterLATA Long Distance

Illinois is divided into calling areas called LATAs. At the present

time, you can order a PIC Freeze for your InterLATA (out of area

long distance) and IntraLATA (local long distance) services.

How to Request a PIC Freeze

If you would like to have a PIC Freeze placed on your InterLATA

or IntraLATA long distance service, please call and request

a form, then sign and return it to Cass Telephone Company.

There is no charge associated with Cass Telephone Company’s

PIC Freeze service. If you are unsure of who your InterLATA or

IntraLATA long distance company is, you may call our business

office to verify your current long distance providers.

As we mentioned above, FCC rules prohibit Cass Telephone

Company from verifying PIC change requests for your account

that we receive from long distance companies. If we do not

receive a PIC Freeze request from you, your account may be

vulnerable to an unauthorized PIC change in the future without

your prior knowledge or authorization.

Should you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call

our business office at





Illinois law defines harassment by telephone as the use of

telephone communication for any of the following purposes:

Making any lewd or indecent comment or request with

intent to offend;

Making one or repeated telephone calls (whether or not con-

versation occurs) with intent to abuse, threaten or harass;

Causing the telephone of another to ring repeatedly with

intent to harass;

Knowingly allowing any telephone under one’s control to

be used for any of the above.

Such harassment is punishable by up to six months in

prison and $500 in fines. If you need assistance with this

matter contact your local sheriff’s office


Due to a recent Federal Communications Commission (FCC) order on “Slamming,” several rules regarding verification of long

distance carriers have caused our business office to change its procedures. Slamming is a term used when your long distance

carrier is changed without your authorization. As a result of the FCC rule changes, Cass Telephone Company is now prohibited

from verifying PIC “primary interexchange carrier” changes before implementing them in our switch.